Ninja Blues

My ninja is still quite small.  Who knits, anyway?  I choose instead to return, triumphantly, to my creation of the largest blanket ever.

Biggest Blanket Ever

Right now it’s over six feed wide,  probably about seven feet long.  IT’S NOT DONE YET!  The zig-zag pattern is actually pretty easy to do, I’ll give instructions later 😉


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Is it spring yet?

It was “warm” yesterday, which tricked me into buying these super cute pillows from Cost Plus/World Market:

Flower Pillow

Usually I’m not a fan of World Market pillows because they’re a little too crazy, but these seemed exactly the right thing to brighten my living room.  I’m also usually all about bright colors (the more the better), but I think I’m starting to mature, this whole similar shades thing is totally working for me.  Plus, with my coupon, they were only twenty bucks each.  Who can beat that?

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An Adventure in Knitting

Mini NinjaI’ve always thought knitting was this impossible thing, something I would never understand. Maybe that’s because I attempted to learn from a book when I was nine years old. I also didn’t own a real pair of knitting needles at the time, which may have been part of the problem.

Either way, when my friend Beth gave me a “Knit Your Own Ninja” kit for my birthday, I was naturally a bit apprehensive. Then I saw it was for ages 8+. Plus I’ve always loved ninjas. Maybe I could handle it.

I opened the package and got to work learning the basic stitches as the stars started parading down the red carpet for the 83rd Academy Awards. By the Annie and James were awkwardly opening the show, I had already figured out how to stumble through the beginnings of what turned out to be the ninja’s butt.

Unfortunately, it turns out there’s a reason why I was always into crochet and never learned to knit. I have a predisposition to be better at crocheting. First, I have this need to keep the yarn as tight as possible. While that actually makes my work look better when I crochet, it makes it nearly impossible to get my needles through the stitches in my little ninja butt. Maybe I need to learn to relax. I also love to improvise when I crochet, and if I make a small mistake it’s very easy to undo a row or two, go back and correct it. Not so in knitting. It turns out if you want to fix something, you have to start over from the beginning.

Needless to say, by the time they announced that The King’s Speech was this year’s Best Picture, I hadn’t made it very far:


And yes, that’s one of my crochet hooks you see there.  I used it at one point to recover a dropped stitch.

Well, despite the four hours I put into the project last night, I woke up this morning, added a couple of rows, and then decided to rip the whole thing apart and start over.  This one is going to take a while.

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